Argumentative Essay

Shootings are a common topic of news in the United States. There have been many mass shootings where the person that committed the shooting was mentally ill, and in most of those shootings the person who was mentally ill got the gun from their parents or someone close to them. Gun control laws should be stricter for gun owners and people who want to become gun owners.

There have been many public shootings where the person that did the shooting was mentally ill and should have not been able to have access to a gun. In Sandy Hook there was a shooting where Adam Lanza got his mother’s gun and used it to commit the shooting. Torrey, a psychiatrist claimed that “about half of mass killings are being done by people with severe mental illnesses.” Says (ProCon 2016) .People with mental illnesses have been the cause of half the school shootings so there should be stricter gun laws.

The gun control law should be heightened so that the parents of mentally ill people should not be allowed to own guns. Shootings that involve mentally ill people usually get a gun from their own parents (by stealing it) so that they can carry on with the shooting.” Mr. Lanza used his mother’s guns to kill her and 26 others” says U.S. News (U.S. News 2016). Laws need to be stricter so that someone who is mentally ill should not have access to guns.

Mentally ill people are buying weapons and the gun distributors have no idea if they are mentally ill until they are tested. Some people after the shootings showed signs of paranoia, depression, and obsessive compulsive disorder.” Mr. Lanza graduated from high school. Some classmates said he had been bullied in high school. He struggled with a developmental disorder and was described as acutely shy, not known to have close friends. He was completely untreated in the years before the shooting for psychiatric and physical ailments like anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder” says TNYT (TNYT 2016). People need to be checked for a mental illness before being allowed to purchase a weapon.


Gun control is important because there are shootings in the United States that have involved mentally ill people killing other people. The gun control laws should be stricter for gun owners and people who want to become gun owners. Action could be taken so that the parents of mentally ill people and people that live with mentally ill people will have stricter gun control law that make it harder to get the weapon and that the weapon will be secure when these people get the gun.

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Citing Sources and Avoiding Plagiarism

Plagiarism is when you take something from anywhere that someone did and make it your own and saying that you did it all and no one else helped at all.

Noodle Tools Express is a website that helps to cite sources for anything you have to write, when you use the website you just have to pick the style of writing it is and fill out the website by putting information where it tells you to when you are citing a website you need to put the date you visited the website last and under it you need to put when the website was published, after that you copy and paste the website URL to the box it tells you to. If there is an author you fill out the boxes where it ask for the authors first, middle, and last name. If there is no name at all then you would just leave it blank. Then you put the name of the website (like The New York Times), then you have to put the publisher of the website which is usually found at the bottom part of the page. After that if there is another person involved in the website you put it in the boxes below that

Positive Journal

I am grateful for…

1.My family

2.My dogs

What would make today great?

1.Watching a movie


Daily affirmation…I am



Two positive things that happened today…

1.Had a cupcake

2.My dog Bo fell asleep on my lap

How can I make today better?

1.Be positive

2.Be happy

Amazing Astronomy

NGC 7380 Wizard Nebula Greg Allegretti via Compfight               Stars,

Stars fascinate me because even though we can see a lot of them (especially the sun) no human has ever gone to one which seems pretty odd right, I mean everyone can see them but the truth is that the nearest star is the sun and it is one astronomical unit away (149,597,871 kilometers). the second nearest star is called the Proxima Centauri and it is 4.2421 light years away! Stars are bright because of a “thermonuclear fusion of hydrogen to helium in its core, releasing energy that traverses the star’s interior and then radiates into outer space. Once the hydrogen in the core of a star is nearly exhausted, almost all naturally occurring elements heavier than helium are created by stellar nucleosynthesis during the star’s lifetime and, for some stars, by supernova nucleosynthesis when it explodes. Near the end of its life.”M31 Harry Braviner via Compfight



You can also buy stars and you can name it whatever you want, buying and naming the star will cost about $80 (50 euro). That is what I like about astronomy and the way you can see stars.

Food Survey

  1. What is your favorite meat dish?
  2. What is your vegetable dish?
  3. What is your favorite desert?
  4. What is your favorite fish dish?
  5. What is your favorite fruit dish?
  6. What is your favorite type of restaurant?
  7. Would you rather have your food baked, fried, or boiled?
  8. Would you prefer takeout or home cooked?



School Lunch Where I Live

2 Quesadilla

(Cheese40 or Chicken38)

Tossed Romaine Salad(3)

Sunshine Fruit(20)


3Chicken Nuggets(10)

Wheat Dinner Roll(15)

Cooked Carrots(5)

Strawberry Cup(20)


4Salisbury Steak & Gravy(4)

Whole Grain Breadstick(15)

Mashed Potatoes(13)

100% Grape Juice(16)


5Hot Dog Sandwich(24)

Green Beans(4)

Pineapple Tidbits(11)


6Soft Taco(19)

(Meat, Cheese,Lettuce)

Refried Beans(23)

100% Fruit Juice Slushie(20)



Sausage Links(0)

Hash Browns(25)

100% Orange Juice(13)


10Chili Soup(6)

Cheesy Breadstick(16) Gr: K-2

Peanut Btr Sandwich(30) Gr: 3-8

Fresh Baby Carrots & Dip(7)



11Breaded Chicken Sandwich(34)

Baked Beans(26)

Fresh Grapes(8)


12Mini Corn Dogs(27)

Cooked Cauliflower(2)

Mandarin Oranges(20)


13Macaroni & Cheese(31)

Wheat Dinner Roll(15)

Cooked Broccoli(2)



16Hamburger Sandwich(24)

Pickled Beets(16)

Peaches & Bananas(22)


17Pizza (35)

Cooked Carrots(5)

100% Fruit Juice Slushie(20)


18Breaded Chicken Strips(12)

Baked Beans(26)

Mixed Fruit(15)


19Turkey & Noodles(22)

Cheesy Breadstick(16)

Mashed Potatoes(14)

Fresh Apple Slices(7)


20Pepperoni Calzone(35)

Tossed Romaine Lettuce(3)

Mandarin Oranges (20)


23Grilled Chicken Sandwich(24)




24Cavatini with Meat Sauce(18)

Cheesy Breadstick WG (16)

Tossed Romaine Salad(3)

100% Grape Juice(16)


30Macaroni & Cheese(31)

Wheat Dinner Roll(15)





In my school this is our lunch menu for the month of November. The school lunch is about being healthy and that is why it lists the carbs for each serving of the food. Even though some of it is nasty there are a few things that taste good, such as cavitini which is pasta noodles with meat in tomato sauce. Another thing that I think tastes good is the pancakes maybe because they’re made with cinnamon. What is your favorite school lunch?



Origin Of A Cheeseburger

El Guapo jpellgen via Compfight


I got this info from

That is a cheeseburger and it is very popular in America this is the story of the origin. ”

There are at least 5 different theories to the origin of the modern day cheeseburger, all of which involve a cook and a 1930′s diner in America.

But before we even start talking about cheese we must trace the history of the plain old Hamburger. This story goes as far back as the 11th Century when the Mongols carried flat patties of meat with them on long horseback trips.

These Mongols would travel to Moscow and the idea of a flat patty of meat spread through the city and was eventually brought to Hamburg in Germany by sailers. From here it spread to New York and the meat patty became known as a Hamburg Steak or Hamburger.

Tracing the source of the Hamburger (the meat patty in two pieces of bread) gets a little more tricky. The actual hamburger bun is said to be invented in 1916 by Walter Anderson, a short-order cook and founder of the first Hamburger chain “White Castle“. But the Hamburger was around much earlier and was made using two pieces of normal sliced bread.

One claim of inventing the Hamburger sandwich comes from Charlie Nagreen of Seymour, Wisconsin, U.S.. In 1885, he tried selling fried meatballs at a county fair, but customers found them hard to eat while walking around the fair, so Nagreen flattened it and made it into a sandwich he called the “hamburger”.

Hamburg, New York, U.S. also claims credit for the invention of the hamburger. This village celebrates a “Burgerfest” every summer, held to mark the anniversary of the hamburger’s creation at the Erie County Fair in 1885 by the Menches brothers.

Another claim is made by a small diner in the town of New Haven, Connecticut, U.S., named Louis’ Lunch. It is sometimes credited with having invented this quick businessman’s meal for busy office workers in 1900. Similar claims are made from almost every US state!

The first cheeseburger was created between 1924 and 1926 by a chef named Lionel Sternberger in Pasadena, California, USA. The anecdote goes along the lines of a passing homeless man suggested Sternberger should add a slice of cheese to his hamburger order, Sternberger then added this to his main menu and the cheeseburger was born.

Other places have claimed the invention of the cheeseburger as part of their local legend. Louisville, Kentucky-based Kaelin’s Restaurant has claimed to invent the cheeseburger in 1934. The following year, the trademark for the name “cheeseburger” was awarded to Louis Ballast of the Humpty Dumpty Drive-In in Denver, Colorado.

So we can’t be 100% sure who first had the idea of slapping a piece of cheese on top of the burger patty to create our beloved cheeseburger, but we do know that the cheeseburger is an all American creation that has been exported all over the world.” and that is the origin story of the cheeseburger.

What I Do For Halloween

For Halloween I usually dress up in my costume then I go around town Trick-Or-Treating from 4:00 p.m. to about 10:00 p.m. and when I get back I sort through my candy, eat some of it, then I go to bed. For the years that I don’t do Halloween I still dress up in something scary and go help a haunted house and if I don’t do that I just stay home and don’t do anything

Halloween Poem

Monster Mash lyrics from https://www.azlyrics/lyrics/misfits/monstermash.html

While carving pumpkins.

He did the mash.

Mom getting ready.

Did the monster mash.


It was a graveyard smash.


It caught on in a flash.

I was working late one night.